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Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative

Recognizing that high-quality early care and education is the most important investment communities can make for the future, the Minnesota Initiative Foundations began the Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative in 2003 with the goal to ensure that every young child in Greater Minnesota has the best possible start toward a healthy life of learning, achieving and succeeding.

Through the Early Childhood Initiative, the six MIFs have helped to form more than 90 early childhood coalitions encompassing more than 300 Greater Minnesota communities. These grassroots coalitions have pioneered innovative responses to pressing local early care and education needs.

Linked into a statewide network, they support one another by regularly exchanging ideas and sharing promising practices. They also contribute a strong rural voice to public policy advocacy efforts.

The MIFs, with the coalitions they have helped establish, connect Greater Minnesota communities with each other as well as with state-level departments, agencies and organizations. Together they continue to drive change in how communities and policy-makers address the needs of Minnesota’s youngest children.